10 Reasons Why You Might Consider Installing a Home Lift

To some people, the need to have a stairlift can be a bit overwhelming. In certain cases, instead of being a useful tool to help you access your home they can be a reminder of being dependent on machinery. While stair lifts are much more open and visible, home lifts are not. A home lift can improve accessibility for wheelchairs users, yes, but it can add so much more. Regardless of your living situation, a home lift can be a major improvement on your quality of life. In this article we share 10 reasons why you might consider a home lift

1. Mobility and Access

Home lifts can be a lot easier to use than stair lifts – just a press of a button and you’re on your way. Lifts are seen everywhere in public places, so it’ll make home feel a lot more normal as well as having an added sense of independence and luxury. 

2. Buildings With Several Floors

If you’re thinking of renovating your house, a lift can be a perfect way to access sometimes difficult rooms such as attics or basements. This can free up much more space for whatever you need and can make all the difference if you’re thinking about renting out rooms.

3. Extra Space

Some elevators can take up as much room as a small wardrobe. This is minimal in comparison to a stairwell and the elevator shaft can go on the outside of your house to occupy even less space. Big, blocky elevators are a thing of the past unless that’s the style you want.

4. Security

Whether part of a larger security package or on its own, key cards can be installed so only you, your family or people you trust can use it. Alternatively, some elevators can be controlled remotely so you have all the power in regards to who can access your home.

5. Maintenance

Despite what most think, lifts don’t need constant maintenance and professional attention. In fact, most of it is just keeping the lift cleaned – just think of how much easier it is to clean one lift as opposed to the entire set of stairs you currently own. 

6. Cleaning

The most important thing is to avoid big objects (like carts or prams) crashing into the doors and keeping anything mechanical free of debris. Much like cleaning your staircase, it mostly needs a vacuum clean every now and then.

7. Safety

Many people have memories of themselves or someone they know falling down the stairs as a young child – some of the most serious accidents happen on stairs and small children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable. Even if you aren’t at risk, it can never hurt to prepare for the future!

8. Convenience

Shopping bags, prams and other big, bulky items can be a huge pain to move up and down the stairs. This day-to-day hassle is often something brushed off, but after getting a home lift there is really no question that it saves your arms from a lot of struggle.

9. Style

When you think of a fancy and expensive house, one of the first things that comes to mind is a home lift. For a cheaper price than you’d expect, you can get one for yourself and the best part is that the lift does all the bragging for you. 

10. Value

From a mixture of convenience, accessibility and safety, having a home lift can drastically increase the value of your house. Potential buyers will see this as a definite advantage and not only this, it can even increase square footage which can further increase the value of your home.

For the very young, the elderly, those in wheelchairs or anyone else that has trouble using the stairs, a home lift can make an incredible difference in the quality of life. For people who can use the stairs, having a lift in your home can definitely be an added bonus as well. 

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