a luxury glass lift in the centre of a spiral staircase
a circular glass lift installed in a luxury homea detailed view of the button panel of the circular glass lifta circular glass lift installed in a home lit at dusk

Enhanced through COLLABORATION

During our design process, we prioritise clear communication, transparency, and an open dialogue of ideas. Working collaboratively with designers, architects, engineers, and the end client and strive to create extraordinary lift designs.


Utilising the finest materials, our skilled designers and craftspeople collaborate with you to craft a final product that is both exceptional and uncompromising.

Leather being stitched on a sewing machinea close up view of a mill cutting metala lift control panel with leather detailing
a bespoke circular glass lift alongside an interior staircasethe view of the floor detail inside the interior circular glass lift

scenic & glass lifts

With scenic and glass lift design, attain panoramic views and create a striking connection to the surrounding architectural space.

luxury lift designs

Our elegant lift designs are authentically original, crafted to fulfil your aspirations. We specialise in delivering luxury lifts to some of the world's most distinguished interiors.


The Terrace Freesky Lift majestically ascends, forging a seamless link between the indoor and outdoor world.

a rooftop terrace lift opening to allow for ascensiona rooftop free sky terrace lift fully ascended on the rooftopthe view of the sky from inside the glass terrace lift

yacht & marine lifts

In an exclusive partnership with Milan-based Millepiani Elevators, we bring over a decade of expertise to the table, having delivered spectacular lifts to some of the world's most stunning modern yachts.

classic styling & restoration

Premier Lifts specialises in crafting distinct and ornate designs, demanding the utmost precision and attention to detail. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience in modern lift design, we rejuvenate previously decommissioned lifts, preserving their original splendour.

tell us about your project

Whether your preference is for sleek, minimal round lifts or a statement yacht elevator, we offer luxury lift solutions tailored to meet your needs. To request a quotation or learn more about Premier Lifts, reach out to our team on 061 922 903 or info@lifts.ie