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the Ala home lift from Vimec installed in a cliff edge house
a tropical exterior landscape with an Ala home lift installed

ala home lift

By Adriano Design for Vimec

ALA is the new home lift by Adriano Design for Vimec, completely redesigned in the structure and in all its components through the language of design. The functional details have been designed to be intuitive also in order to ensure maximum safety.

Controls, handles and platform are patented.

The walking base is coupled with structural metal ribs that sink into the floor when level 0 is reached, bringing the elevator platform almost flush with the floor: this result is obtained without having to dig any pit, as it happens in traditional elevators, but by making simple cuts in the floor.

The vertical steel handle on the inside, which replaces the traditional push-button, moves the lift when rotated. The LED light rings integrated in the handles, both positioned inside the cabin and outside on all floors, indicate where the lift is located.
a monochromatic image of the Adriano brothersa set of specification icons

adriano design

Architects, designers, teachers, inventors, and above all, visionaries. Davide and Gabriele Adriano, the founders and soul of Adriano Design in Turin, have skilfully adopted an open, inclusive, and transversal approach to multidisciplinary design, allowing them to work with all members of a company across-the-board, not just as designers – having received dozens of international awards and a Compasso d’Oro.

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The importance of Design Thinking

Adriano Design having now joined the Vimec team as art directors, but also designers, where they are bringing to life what will be a revolution in the vertical mobility sector in terms of overcoming architectural barriers, as well as the architects’ dream. Until now, the designers had never been particularly concerned with designing stair lifts and platform lifts, now indispensable elements in residential and public building interiors given global trends of urbanisation and the increasing development of home comfort. The proposal by the Adriano brothers is to transform the home lift into a genuine furniture element.

The program – agreed upon with Vimec – is revolutionary not only on a conceptual level, but above all because it involves, rationalises, and modifies the entire production process.

The home lift is an element that all private and residential buildings should include, an inclusive and safe system that facilitates the present daily life. Such a solution also speaks about the future, by inserting itself into the latest trends such as homecare and design for all.

A new home lift, completely reshaped in all its components through the language of the design, the accurate planning of functional details, the careful choice of materials and finishes. VIMEC is an outstanding european player in the accessibility segment, with production completely Made in Italy and installations all over the world.

a concept image of the Ala home lift with red accentsthe Ala home lift with red accents, ascending
detailed view of the entrance to the Ala home lift


The external handrail allows the unlocking of the door, then the door opens by turning the handle placed on.

The LEDs placed on both handrails, inside and outside the lift, indicates the floors.

a detailed view of the Ala lift front

2. safe

The turning of the internal handrail activates the lift, which stops when the grip is released.

The landing door can be unlocked only when the lift arrives to the selected floor.

the Ala home lift from Vimec installed in a cliff edge housea tropical exterior landscape with an Ala home lift installedthe Ala home lift installed in a tropical luxury housethe Ala home lift in a luxury ultra modern home
the Ala home lift in a small remote homethe Ala home lift as a focal point in an interior
the Ala home lift installed in a home pool roomthe Ala home lift ascending to a home rooftop, with stunning views of a green landscape

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